Furukawa is not afraid of the sixth year of the consul

The overcoming of the sales of Wii and PlayStation 1 seems to be just one step in the commercial path of Nintendo Switch, which aims to have many years of success ahead of it.

This is confirmed by Shuntaro Furukawa himself, who during the last meeting with investors spoke about the life cycle of hybrid hardware. When asked about it by the shareholders, the President of Nintendo did not hesitate to reiterate that the console still has a long path of growth ahead of it.

“Nintendo Switch is only halfway through its life cycle, – confirmed the executive of the videogame giant – and the forecasts for this year are good. Nintendo Switch is ready to break a trend that has affected our previous consoles, which have slowed down once they enter the sixth year of presence on the market, and instead continue to grow further “. Presented to the public in spring 2017, Nintendo Switch therefore seems destined to accompany fans of the Big N for several more years.

At the same time, the latest Nintendo estimates, however, have had to recognize the possibility of lower-than-initial sales, with the Nintendo Switch shortage that could continue into 2022 due to the semiconductor crisis. To compensate, the management concludes, however, the sales on the software front should take care of it, which have recently benefited from the excellent launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.