Game Boy games coming after the N64 and Mega Drive ones?

According to what was suggested by the insider NateDrake and the journalist Tom Phillips, the Kyoto house is still planning the arrival of the Game Boy video games on Nintendo Switch Online despite the recent news related to the recent announcement of the N64 and SEGA Mega Drive games on Switch.

Speaking in a discussion on social media between those who wonder if Nintendo is willing to bring a selection of Game Boy classics to the Switch, the journalist Tom Phillips specified that “N64 and Mega Drive were the two platforms I had heard of. as future additions to Nintendo Switch Online, along with Game Boy and Game Boy Color I guess the launch of the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive titles comes first because they are the most enticing additions and leverage to get people to subscribe. But I don’t know if the Game Boy games will be part of this premium package or not or if they will be offered with the basic Nintendo Switch Online membership. “

Insider NateDrake also participated in the exchange on social media: “The games for Game Boy and Game Boy Color will arrive, and I think they will be added to the current Nintendo Switch Online service. They did not introduce them (during the recent Nintendo Direct , ed) presumably because they did not want to confuse the two offers related to the N64 / Mega Drive and Game Boy / Color games “.

The Japanese videogame giant, however, has already specified that it will continue to launch NES and SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online. For further information on the classics offered in the new premium package announced by the Grande N, we refer you to our special on N64 games at launch on Nintendo Switch Online.