GameCube forgotten by Generation Z? The creator of Unpacking jokes about it

The founder of Witch Beam Games, Sanatana Mishra, intervenes on social networks to express all his amazement at the sight of the comments shared by the younger players of Unpacking who, evidently, do not know “what” the GameCube is.

The boss of the independent software house has in fact resumed the messages published by two young Unpacking players who were stuck in the 2007 chapter of his sparkling “moving simulator” because of the GameCube.

To those who are only now approaching this project, we remind you that the playful experience of Unpacking is based on the ability of users to find the “right place” for objects, clothes and furnishing accessories on the monthly magazines, drawers and shelves of the new home. of one’s alter-ego. While guaranteeing ample freedom, the lack of “interpretation” of the space to be occupied by each object returns an error message that does not allow users to complete the challenge and move on to the next chapter of their character’s story.

The exponent of Witch Beam thus expressed all his amazement in reading the posts shared by Unpacking players and discovering that, at the sight of the unusual GameCube design, some users of Generation Z were unable to continue the main campaign because they exchanged the iconic Nintendo console for who knows what household appliance. Joking about what happened, Mishra remarked that “it’s just this kind of thing that makes you feel like a decrepit old man!”

For further information on the latest, original Witch Beam pixel art puzzle just launched on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X / S (as well as Game Pass), we refer you to our review of Unpacking by Andrea Sorichetti.