gameplay clips that have ended up online

It seems that part of the campaign of The Ascent, the awaited Action / RPG with a cyberpunk background and the first project of the Neon Giant boys, has leaked online by the hand of a Russian user, who has created a real playlist on Youtube with lots of detailed clips on the game’s content.

The report comes from the Reddit forum, where a user has reported the issue also revealing the existence of the playlist composed of videos lasting about 50 minutes each. The game appeared online with Russian lyrics and English language dubbing. At the time of writing, the playlist is made up of 16 videos, of which the last 5 have already been deleted from Youtube: it is therefore very likely a matter of time before the entire collection is completely deleted. Although the leaker hasn’t uploaded the entire campaign, several clips of the full game ended up online in this way, so beware of spoilers while browsing the Internet.

However, the release of the work is now around the corner as The Ascent will be available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC starting July 29, 2021. The game will also be included from day one in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. For further information, we refer you to our tried-and-tested The Ascent. The work promises to be ambitious also on the technical front, given that The Ascent will show the power of the Xbox Series X as promised by the developers.