gameplay trailer for cyberstone adventure

The spring of this year brought with it the announcement of Aztech Forgotten Gods, an intriguing Action Adventure signed by Lienzo, an independent development team based in Mexico.

Originally expected for the autumn of this year, the title has fallen victim to the ax of postponements that have plagued the gaming world for about two years now. The debut, however, does not seem to be too far away, with the new launch window that takes place in the first quarter of 2022. To confirm this, is the new gameplay trailer of Aztech Forgotten Gods made available by the Mexican team.

Available directly at the opening of this news, the video allows you to take a new look at the cyberstone atmospheres that will characterize the production. In an imaginary universe in which the development of pre-Columbian civilizations was not interrupted by European colonialism, the Central American region became the protagonist of an extraordinary technological progress. Threatening civilization, however, are now colossal gods of the Aztec tradition.

While waiting to find out the launch date of this pre-Columbian adventure, we remind you that Indie is expected on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. For more details, on our pages you will find a rich preview of Aztech: Forgotten Gods.