GameStopZing launches console subscription and Game Pass from € 24.99 per month

At the end of the summer, GameStopZing presents Xbox All Access, a subscription plan that will allow you to buy an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X console with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription included starting at 24.99 euros per month for 24 months.

How does it work? It’s very simple, there are two options available: Xbox Series X + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription has a price of 32.99 euros per month for 24 months while Xbox Series S + Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs 24.99 euros per month for 24 months, in both. i case without initial costs and 0% APR.

On the GameStopZing website you will find all the useful information to access the Xbox All Access subscription through Younited funding, as underlined by GSZ “there are no subscription fees or annual fees, nor prepayment fees for your Younited funding for Xbox All Access. “, for more details you can contact Younited Credit. Xbox All Access can only be subscribed by activating a Younited loan at no additional cost, 0% fixed TAN and 0% APR for 24 months.

Please Note: GameStopZing has no role in funding. The request is sent to Younited who decides whether or not to provide the loan, then completing the contract with the customer.