Gears of War’s dad surprises with the image of his new project

Keeping faith with the word given to the many fans who have been waiting impatiently to know the new project of Cliffy B, the father of Gears of War pleases his fans by showing them the first, surprising image of the new work he is developing away from the stress of the industry. videogame.

The eclectic American designer and author of video games thus decides to look out on social media to give the most curious to peek into the folds of his new project, but without providing more precise information on the actual nature of this work.

The image shared by Cliff Bleszinski shows a cartoonish scenario set in a cyberpunk dimension: the undisputed protagonists of the artistic composition, however, are not the skyscrapers of the futuristic city that stand out on the horizon in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčneon lights, but the singular couple represented by a dog and a pigeon who watch the scene leaning against the balustrade of a terrace.

In April of this year, Cliffy B himself told his followers that “yes, for the record I’m working on something new, and you should know that every damn day I can’t tell you about it is really distressing.” After putting the Gears of War machine gun / chainsaw back in the closet for good, will Bleszinski’s future continue to be in the video game industry or not? Waiting to receive a definitive answer from the creator of the Gears of War shooter series, let us know with a comment what you think of the artwork shown by Cliffy B to reveal the setting of his new art project.