Geoff Keighley promises game demos on Steam

With a short Tweet published on his official Twitter profile, Geoff Keighley has given great news to all those players who will attend the evening of The Game Awards 2021.

The former videogame journalist, who is now in charge of organizing events, has in fact confirmed that some of the products that will be shown during the evening can be immediately tested by users at home. According to Keighley’s words, in fact, a selection of the games present at the event will be accompanied by a demo downloadable for free on Steam. Unfortunately the presenter did not want to overreact and therefore we do not know which games will receive a demo, but it is certainly pleased that such initiatives are embraced on occasions of this type, so as to be able to touch the products firsthand and not just look at a trailer.

Waiting to find out what will be the biggest announcements of the event, which will be held on the night between 9 and 10 December 2021, we remind you that on our pages you will find the spectacular teaser of The Game Awards 2021 which shows the new statuette, the which will be awarded to all games and developers who will win a prize.