Germany, Austria and Switzerland shine in the new free update

As scheduled, the Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 is officially available on PC and Xbox Series X / S among the expansion packs that can be downloaded for free by fans of the Asobo studio blockbuster.

The generous add-on package from French developers and the Publishing Division of Xbox Game Studios brings further realism to the major cities, the most famous monuments and the most important landscapes of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Once the World Update 6 is installed, the countries of Central Europe gain a hyper-realistic altrimetric map based on the most current satellite data, an infinity of details for the polygonal models of the buildings and the most truthful reconstructions for cities such as Frankfurt, Basel, Wuppertal, Vienna and Graz. The Asobo studios then hand-developed 100 famous locations and several airports such as L├╝beck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen.

The free expansion of Microsoft Flight Simulator also introduces new Discovery Flights, Landing Challenges and sightseeing flights with routes to admire some of the most exciting views on the planet from above. As for the Flight Simulator World Update on Italy, the transalpine authors have already made it known that they are working on it to launch it on PC and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.