get 90% of the cash valuation, promo extended until September 30th

Gamelife’s Buyback promotion held the ground in this hot videogame summer, the chain of the Cidiverte group buys used video games, consoles and accessories directly from the customer, online and without the need to go to the store.

Normally Gamelife purchases the products by crediting 100% of the credit value to be spent online but alternatively it is possible to opt for cash payment by bank transfer, in this case with a retention of 30% and thus obtaining 70% of the total value of the products. sold.

For the whole month of August Gamelife paid 90% of the value also to those who chose the cash payment method, the promotion ended on August 31 but there is good news because it has been extended until September 30. This means that for the whole month just started you will get 90% of the value of the goods sold by choosing the payment by bank transfer and, as always, 100% in credit to spend on the Gamelife website.

But how does Gamelife Buyback work? Selling is very easy, just select the products you want to sell to Gamelife from the pages of the site, complete the procedure by entering your data and then send everything to the address indicated. Within a few days the company will evaluate the withdrawn products and if everything is compliant, it will issue a refund to the customer. Quick and easy.