Ghostbusters videogame in development!

Speaking to the Questlove Supreme podcast microphones, Illfonic co-founder Raphael Saadiq let slip an important preview of the next video game in development at the American software house.

The senior Illfonic executive and neo-soul musician took the opportunity offered by the podcast to discuss his California development house’s commitment beyond the Arcadegeddon project.

During the interview, Saadiq candidly admitted that “in addition to Predator Hunting Grounds and Friday the 13th which are our most recent projects along with Arcadegeddon, we are also working on Ghostbusters”.

The co-founder of Illfonic does not add further details, thus limiting himself to specifying how the next commitment of the US software house specializing in videogame transpositions of cinematic IPs will be set in the dimension of the Ghostbusters.

We do not know, therefore, if the game in question will be a tie-in of Ghostbusters Legacy: in this case, the most probable date for the announcement of this mysterious project should be that of November 19, that is, coinciding with the launch in cinemas. USA (in Italy it will be released a day earlier) of the new Ghostbusters movie.