God of War Ragnarok, lots of shields for Kratos: each one will have unique abilities

Confirming the intention to leave full ‘expressive freedom’ to the players in God of War: Ragnarok, the Director of the new Sony exclusive has offered some interesting details on the combat system of the title.

In particular, Eric Williams has revealed – during a recent interview – that the second Norse adventure of Kratos will provide the character with a rich collection of shields. Each of these, in addition to obviously offering its own aesthetic style, can boast unique characteristics and abilities. The different defensive values ​​of the tools will allow players to create custom builds for their Kratos.

“I don’t want to offer too many details on this, – Eric Williams said on the subject – but yes, there will be different shields, and they will have different abilities and defensive options. The reason we decided to proceed in this way is that we really want a lot. leave players free to build their own Kratos, in terms of equipment, armor and other such things. “

A certainly interesting change compared to the combat system proposed in the God of War of 2018. The latter in fact provided a single shield, of which it was possible to modify only the aesthetic aspect. A variation that will accompany the introduction of new characters in God of War: Ragnarok, for an experience that aims to differentiate itself at least in part from the previous one.