good Game Pass and first party content

In its latest financial report, Microsoft highlighted how its business within the gaming industry is continuing to grow unabated. The expectations of the Redmond giant for the close of fiscal year 2021 have been exceeded by the recorded revenues, corresponding to the sum of 46.2 billion dollars.

Although the numbers of software and services are 4% lower than the record recorded in the previous year, the gaming division was able overall to improve the revenue of Q4 2020 by 11%. Micrososft attributes the gap of 128 million. dollars in software and services to “decline in third-party titles” and restraining orders due to the pandemic. If third-party content has done better in the past, the same cannot be said of internal services and productions which have instead shown significant growth. Xbox Game Pass and other first-party services and products have in fact driven Microsoft’s overall revenue in the gaming sector in the last quarter of the fiscal year: a sign that the company’s commitment to enrich its exclusive offer is giving its fruits. In the hardware field, year-over-year growth of 172% is recorded thanks to the arrival of the Xbox Series X and Series S on the market.

June was a particularly fruitful month for the Redmond company, with the Xbox Series X | S managing to sell more than the PS5 and Switch in the US. Tomorrow, in the meantime, interesting news could arrive regarding backwards compatibility and FPS Boost.