Gotham Knights is set in the Arkhamverse or not?

The new game from WB Games Montréal, which previously also worked on Batman Arkham Origins, shares some traits with the series dedicated to the Dark Knight developed by Rocksteady Studios. The question arises: Will Gotham Knights be set in the same universe?

The new story starring the Bat-Family, composed of the quartet Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin, kicks off immediately after the death, perhaps apparent, of Bruce Wayne. Those who have played the last chapter of the Rocksteady saga, Batman Arkham Knight (here is the review of Batman Arkham Knight), will recognize in this incipit the epilogue of the title, which saw the Dark Knight activate the Knightfall protocol by triggering an explosion at Villa Wayne . Although the two elements seem to fit together, however, WB Games Montréal has confirmed that Gotham Knights will not be part of the Arkhamverse (in this regard, you can watch the new Gotham Knights story trailer on the Court of Owls), thus taking place in a totally new universe. .

This new adventure will put the four protagonists in front of the Court of Owls, a mysterious organization that rules Gotham in secret. We don’t know much about the gameplay yet, other than the beat’em up base and the rolistic progression scanned for each character. The new trailer showed us the Penguin and other familiar faces from the world of Batman, anticipating a story full of twists.