Gran Turismo 7 and Yamauchi’s sense of realism: new track video

The latest in-depth video of Gran Turismo 7 packaged by Polyphony Digital offers Kazunori Yamauchi the opportunity to describe the interventions made by his development team to push the tracks of his next, highly anticipated racing simulation for PS4 and PlayStation 5 to the limits of photorealism. .

The high exponent of the PlayStation Studios subsidiary thus reimmers us in the atmosphere of the new chapter of the Real Driving Simulator to tell us about the efforts made in the creation of digital circuits and scenarios that will be the background to the Campaign, Sport, Arcade and Driving Academy modes.

Yamauchi thus takes advantage of the occasion to remember the use of an advanced digital photogrammetry technique with laser scanner to transpose every single detail of the tracks to the screen, from the roughness of the asphalt to the reconstruction of curbs, gradients and straights.

In previous multimedia interventions on GT7, the Polyphony Digital boss confirmed the increase in tuning options and showed the enormous potential of the Photo Mode of the exclusive PlayStation which, as fans of the series know well, will arrive on PS4 and PS5 on 4 March 2022. In case you missed it, we invite you to read our in-depth analysis on the gameplay and content of Gran Turismo 7, a racing that looks to the future without forgetting the past.