graphics and performance compared on Xbox One and Series X / S

After the comparison between PC PS4 and PS5 of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits turned his attention to the Halo Infinite Beta Multiplayer to conduct a comparative analysis between the different Xbox consoles on which the colossal FPS of 343 Industries will see the light .

The latest test conducted by the famous content creator provides important indications on the work that the subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios is conducting to optimize the multiplayer experience of the new chapter of Halo in view of its landing on green-crossed platforms.

The analyzes carried out by the youtuber start from the differences in resolution between the different Xbox consoles of this and the past generation. On Xbox Series X, the Beta Multiplayer runs at dynamic 2160p with framerate pegged at 60fps, and then scales to 1440p by opting for 120fps. No less interesting are the surveys conducted on the resolution of the Xbox Series S (1080p / 60fps), Xbox One X (2160p / 30fps or 1440p / 60fps) and Xbox One S or ‘base’ versions (1080p / 30fps).

According to ElAnalistaDeBits, the framerate has significantly improved compared to the previous technical test carried out by 343 Industries. To stay on the subject of performance, the youtuber points out that the Xbox Series X and One X versions boast better shadows, an anisotropic filter that sharpens the scene and a greater viewing distance. The content creator also mentions “spectacular quality textures on all platforms” and loading speed on Xbox Series X or Series S, nearly six times faster than the wait times required on Xbox One and One X for loading. levels.

Obviously, since it is a Beta, the results expressed by this analysis can differ greatly from the graphical and performance parameters of the final version of Halo Infinite, especially as regards the singleplayer campaign and its huge maps devoted to free roaming. In the meantime, we refer you to the complete calendar of the Halo Infinite multiplayer Beta.