graphics, resolution and framerate compared between Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

The now famous content creator known as ElAnalistaDeBits has conducted a new comparison video between the console versions of Hades for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch, focusing on the differences related to graphics, resolution, framerate and general performance .

From an exquisitely playful point of view, both the Nintendo Switch version and the latest iterations of the title that can be used by owners of Sony and Microsoft nextgen consoles are on the levels of excellence achieved by the original version on PC. Regardless of its platform of choice, the roguelike masterpiece by Supergiant Games knows how to give priceless emotions to the Zagreus emulators who aspire to find an escape from Tartarus, as pointed out by ElAnalistaDeBits himself after having collected the comparative data.

The PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S versions all run at a resolution of 2160p with dynamic scaling based on the definition of your TV or monitor: even on the framerate front, the nextgen consoles have enough power to guarantee fluidity anchored at 60fps. a parameter that is reached on Nintendo Switch only with the reduction of the rendering resolution to 720p. The only differences detected by the youtuber between the nextgen versions of Hades consist in the loading times (slightly higher on Xbox consoles) and in occasional stuttering phenomena that occur on PS5.

Given the particular artistic style of the cult roguelike of Supergiant, the author of this video comparison finally recommends Switch users to play in Portable mode, by virtue of the greater clarity of the settings to be admired on the screen of the hybrid console of the Kyoto house. For further information on the gameplay and content offered by the incredible adventure signed Supergiant, we refer you to our review of Hades for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.