GTA 6 set in Miami and announced by the end of the year: the new, dubious rumor

Although Rockstar Games and Take-Two continue inscrutable to keep silence on the future of the famous open world series, the rumors that the official announcement of GTA VI are about to stop.

To launch the new, dubious indiscretion is ThatsSoBold, an Instagram and YouTube channel that offers generalist news, and therefore does not seem to be closely linked to the world of the videogame industry. According to what was stated in a recent post of the account, the announcement of GTA VI would be behind the doors, and Rockstar would have chosen Miami as the designated setting for its next adventure. The US city that we will be able to freely explore will be three times the size of the map present in GTA V, and will be presented to us through a trailer arriving between November and December. Furthermore, according to the source, Miami will dynamically change over time with long-term updates, according to the Fortnite model adopted by Epic Games.

We specify again that the channel is not specifically interested in the world of gaming, and that it could easily be a series of updated information. We therefore recommend that you take the news with extreme caution and await updates from Rockstar on the future of the Grand Theft Auto series. At the moment, an announcement of the sixth chapter seems rather unlikely in light of the future release of GTA V Enhanced Edition, arriving on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2022.