GTA 6, trailer coming? A voice actor names a character

Actor and voice actor Dave Jackson explains that he was hired by Rockstar to play the role of an unreleased character in a video game in the Grand Theft Auto series. In sharing this news on social media, Jackson is unbalanced and mentions both GTA 6 and the name of his NPC itself.

In his latest, major post on Facebook, the voice actor informs his followers that “I just heard from the producers (presumably from his dubbing studio, ed) that it’s all official: I’ll be playing the role of Police Chief Captain McClane in the new Grand Theft. Car. It is a privilege for me to work with such a close-knit, professional and fun group of people. If you are a gamer, I advise you to stay tuned … “.

To the fears revealed by his followers for the possible violation of a non-disclosure agreement signed with Rockstar, the voice actor replies that “as long as I do not provide advances on the plot, everything is fine”. Interacting with the community to further clarify, Jackson then pointed out that “they are producing a trailer, so I really hope it’s GTA 6”.

Considering the exceptional success of GTA Online, therefore, the hypothesis of Jackson’s involvement in a new expansion of the multiplayer sector of Grand Theft Auto 5 is not to be discarded, even if all the clues launched by the voice actor seem to lead towards the highly anticipated sixth. “major” chapter of Rockstar Games’ free roaming epic. We’ll see; in the meantime, we invite you to retrace the history of this iconic saga with us by reading the special on the forgotten games of Grand Theft Auto.