GTA 6, when does the reveal arrive? Exasperated fan breaks into German TV!

During the latest episode of Schlag den Star, a talent show starring several well-known characters from German TV, an exasperated Grand Theft Auto fan interrupted the show by showing up in front of the cameras to ask the host where GTA 6 ended up!

The curtain, shot live by the spectators of the Raab TV and Brainpool program, lasted several seconds and saw the GTA enthusiast ask the unsuspecting host several times about the unspecified “clarifications on GTA 6”, as to why it is not was still unveiled by Rockstar Games and on the reasons that are pushing the US videogame giant not to share information on the current stage of development.

At the bottom of the news you will find the video that takes up the decomposed intervention of the Grand Theft Auto fan during the last episode of Schlag den Star, a scene that is making the rounds of the network for the unusual methods chosen by the enthusiast in asking for explanations on the future of his favorite series.

Before leaving you to the video and the comments, we remind you that in recent days the voice actor Dave Jackson reported that he was working on the IP of Grand Theft Auto and made the name of what, according to him, could be the character of GTA 6.