Guerrilla reveals many new details about the machines

There are still a few months left until Horizon Forbidden West arrives on the shelves, but Guerrilla Games continues to tease fans with a series of articles through which specific aspects of the exclusive PlayStation are explored and, this time, we talk about the dangerous robotic creatures that roam the game world.

Thanks to the words of Principal Machine Designer Blake Politeski and Asset Art Lead Maxim Fleury, who have published a post on the official PlayStation blog, it is possible to know a series of interesting information regarding the machines that we will face as Aloy. The two developers confirmed that those seen in the first chapter of the series served as a ‘starting point’, which has been expanded and improved on the occasion of Horizon Forbidden West. In fact, the post talks about the great attention with which the various machines have been created from an aesthetic point of view and with which they have been credibly positioned in the various biomes of the map.

In addition to being inspired by animals, the Guerrilla programmers have created these opponents with the aim of making them have different types of behaviors: the Sunwing, for example, will have to recharge its energies through sunlight and during this process we will be able to take advantage of it to inflict on it. a hard blow. Other enemies, on the other hand, will delight in looking for objects in the sand and we will be able to take advantage of the dust to act stealthily and take them by surprise. If there is one thing the development team focuses on a lot, that is the variety of approaches with which you can eliminate the enemies, of which we will not therefore have to exploit the only weak points scattered around the body as in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Of all the enemies we will face, moreover, it seems that the most lethal of all is the Tremortusk: this species of war elephant can be lethal thanks to a series of elemental attacks and the ability to charge the opponent. However, it would appear that it is particularly slow and vulnerable to some pitfalls. We then find friendly robotic creatures, which will not attack Aloy on sight and can help her in a variety of ways. Some can be ridden to move faster, while others will help the protagonist find chests or precious resources thanks to their radars.

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