guide and tricks for the Beta on PS4 and PS5

A few weeks after the conclusion of the Call of Duty Vanguard Alpha exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users, the Beta servers have now been opened, a new test thanks to which shooter players can test not only the already known Champion Hill mode (here are our impressions on the Hill of Champions of COD Vanguard) but also a series of classic multiplayer modes which also involve the class creation system. If you are about to take part in the tests of the next chapter of the Activision series, here are a series of tips that could help you defeat the opposing team.

Tactical and lethal equipment

Among the elements that can be inserted when creating a custom loadout we also find tactical and lethal equipment. Usually these tools are not used by players, who focus on eliminating opponents through the use of weapons. Our advice is not to underestimate the gadgets that regenerate at each return, as they may not only help you do a few extra kills, but they could most of all make your life easier in the toughest moments.

In the case of grenades, for example, you could perfectly calculate the time that elapses between the triggering of the object and its explosion to make sure that the detonation can eliminate the enemy hidden behind cover without any possibility of escape. As for the stun grenades, these are able to leave an opponent helpless for a few seconds, enough to give him the final blow or to find shelter and ensure that health regenerates after suffering a serious injury.

Old mechanics

In Call of Duty Vanguard some gameplay mechanics are back that the developers had totally removed in the transition from Modern Warfare to Black Ops Cold War. Let’s talk specifically about the quick run and the possibility of placing weapons on surfaces of any kind.

In the first case, that’s enough press the button assigned to the run twice in rapid succession to move much faster: this technique is very useful for those who have to reach a place on the map as quickly as possible, although during the fast run the weapon is not usable and it takes more than a few moments at the end of the movement to return to doing fire. Even the exploitation of the elements of the scenario to stabilize the weapon has pros and cons, since the use of this gameplay mechanic allows you to shoot with great accuracy but it prevents movement and thus exposes the player to enemy fire.

Experiment with loadouts

Unlike the Alpha, this time Call of Duty Vanguard players they can get to the Barracks and create custom loadouts. During the trial version it will be possible not only to reach the 30 degree of profile, but also bringing every single weapon to the same experience level: this means that every weapon available in the Beta is possible unlock quite a few accessories which can be mounted in theArmory.

Take advantage of this possibility offered by the Beta to experiment as much as possible what are the combinations of gadgets to understand which are the most effective and do not be fooled by their unlock order, as it is in no way an indication of their usefulness.

Select the Killstreak

Although the feeling of the weapons in the Beta of Call of Duty Vanguard is not all that different from that of the other chapters, in the first hours spent in this trial version you may not be at the top and die quite frequently. In this regard, we suggest that you evaluate very carefully which are the three Killing streak to activate, as choosing the right ones could have a major impact on your games.

For the uninitiated, the Killstreak are special gadgets that can be activated by eliminating several enemies without dying and the most effective ones can only be recalled after long series of kills. Our advice is not to overdo it and always include some series with lower requirements such as theSpy Plane, which is very useful for the whole team and can make a difference.

Don’t miss out on the rewards

As happens every year now, once again Activision has wanted to include in the Beta of the shooter a small gift that players can unlock by completing a very simple challenge. In fact, just play the Beta of Call of Duty Vanguard until you reach the Grade 20 of the profile to get in the final version of the game the project for the assault rifle entitled Rat-A-Tat, thanks to which you can also immediately unlock access to the weapon and avoid reaching the experience level imposed by the developers to be able to insert it in your loadout.

If you have not already done so, we suggest you associate all your platforms with the same Call of Duty account, so that you can take advantage of the bonus regardless of the device on which you purchase the final version of Vanguard. It should also be noted that by connecting the same account to COD Mobile you will receive the operator in the coming weeks Arthur Kingsley, leader of Task Force One, at no additional cost.

Graphic options and commands

Unfortunately, the development team has not included the ability to change the FOV in the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta, but it is still possible to change some graphics settings that could improve your experience with the shooter. In fact, it seems that many people do not like a series of graphic effects such as the Motion Blur Screen, the Motion Blur Weapon and the Shallow depth of field, as they may make it more difficult to spot targets and hit them in aim mode.

If you are also playing with a DualSense on PlayStation 5, know that you have the opportunity to disable both vibration and the effect of adaptive triggers, so that they do not do any kind of resistance when aiming and firing. Also on the next-gen console you can decide whether to enable the 120Hz mode, which however requires a monitor or TV capable of supporting the high refresh rate of at least 1080p.