guide and tricks to start playing, everything you need to know

Konami has finally published eFootball 2022 on PlayStation4 / PlayStation 5, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S and PC both in Premium and free to play versions, which is the edition that can be downloaded for free. If you too are about to try the new chapter of the series, here are some tips that may be useful to you.

Virtual Contracts and Resources

Below you can consult a complete list of currencies and contracts of eFootball 2022 with a brief description that allows you to understand their main utilities:

  • Deal in the dark: it is a sort of token thanks to which you can sign a random player among those present in a pool of characters that should vary over time
  • Targeted contract: unlike the previous type of contract, this allows players to hire a character of their choice and not random, but always among those selectable within a list
  • EFootball Coins (yellow icon): using this currency allows you to randomly sign players and buy Match Pass plus
  • GP (blue icon): GPs allow you to sign both coaches and players
  • EFootball Points (fuchsia icon): another useful resource to engage players and objects in a targeted manner

Types of players and how to sign them

This is the list of the various types of players present in eFootball 2022 with advice on how to sign them.

  • Standard: this type of player is based on the performance of the current season and can be hired through the Deal in the dark, buying it with GPs or finding it randomly in the loot boxes that are obtained thanks to the eFootball Coins
  • Trending: The players in this category are the only ones who cannot be upgraded and are equipped with extraordinary features based on specific events. The only way to get these players is through Targeted Contract
  • Highlight: these are special versions of the players whose performances are always in reference to the current season. Featured players can be obtained by spending eFootball Points, through Deal in the Blind or randomly spending eFootball Coins
  • Legendary: the rarest players whose performances are linked to a specific season in which they have had exceptional results. Just like the featured footballers, the legendary ones can be obtained randomly if you spend eFootball Coins or use a Blind and Targeted Deal with eFootball Points

Mode guide

These are all the modes present in eFootball 2022, some of which are currently inaccessible:

  • Tour event: the classic mode against an opponent controlled by artificial intelligence. By winning matches in this mode, you can accumulate event points and receive rewards
  • Challenge event: this is instead the classic PvP mode, which allows you to challenge another player in the flesh in order to complete objectives and obtain rewards
  • Quick Match Online: This is nothing more than a friendly match with another player found through matchmaking
  • Online Match Lobby: This mode allows you to invite a player from your friends list and challenge them in a 1-on-1 match
  • Creative eFootball Championship: the equivalent of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in eFootball 2022, since in this mode you can use the so-called Creative Teams, or those created by the player with the various players hired. The rewards of this PvP mode are awarded based on placement over a 10-match round and final placement at the end of a phase

Redeem the Veteran bonus

Konami has decided to reward all players who have spent time in any version of the previous episode of the series (including the Lite version, which is the free one). In this regard, all those who have played Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 can get a series of free rewards: if you fall into this category, we invite you to take a look at our guide on how to get the eFootball 2022 Veteran bonuses.

Beware of the Courtesy Evaluation

It is very important to have a correct attitude towards opponents in online matches. Konami has in fact implemented a system called Courtesy Rating, which keeps track of any incorrect user behavior during games and, consequently, tends to match users with a similar Courtesy Rating. To avoid running into matches with users who have an annoying attitude, avoid being inactive or disconnecting voluntarily to avoid a defeat.

Customize the playlist

In case you do not like one or more of the songs in the game’s soundtrack, which is transmitted during the periods of permanence in the menus, know that it is possible to make a series of changes that could improve your experience. In the main menu you can select “Other” at the top of the screen, click on “Game settings” and then on “Audio”: here is the “Soundtrack” screen, where it is possible by simply pressing button (Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox) to remove some songs from favorites and prevent them from playing in menus.

Redeem PlayStation Plus Bonuses

If you play on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and have an active subscription to the PlayStation Plus service, don’t miss the package that Sony and Konami have published exclusively on the PS Store. The bundle can already be redeemed and should remain on the Sony store only for a limited period: its contents are not known at the moment, but in the description it can be read that those who have redeemed the package will be able to enjoy the benefits starting from November 2021. , which is the month in which a substantial update for the game will arrive. If you are interested, we offer you the link to download the eFootball 2022 PlayStation Plus Member Bonus.