guide to 6 possible girlfriends of CJ

In GTA San Andreas (by the way, here are all the cheats for GTA San Andreas) it is possible to form relationships with different characters during the adventure: some are related to the story, while others are to be sought. There are 6 possible girlfriends of CJ in all, each with different requirements to be respected: here is a guide to all relationships.

Denise Robinson is CJ’s first acquaintance, and also the protagonist’s only flirtation that doesn’t require you to perform particular feats. Talking to her after the Burning Desire mission will immediately start the relationship: she is at her house between 4 pm and 6 am, she likes to be in her neighborhoods (so avoid the affluent parts of the city) and go to places like Cluckin ‘Bell or the Alhambra Club. When you reach the highest point of affinity, you will be rewarded with the Hustler vehicle and the ‘pimp’ outfit.

Millie Perkins is also part of the story, you will meet her in the mission Key to her heart. Her home is in Prickle Pine, where she will be present between noon and 10 pm. Going fast by car or going to restaurants and bars will be a good way to develop the relationship with Millie: going to visit her wearing the BDSM dress (given by herself ) will unlock a special appointment and additional rewards.

Helena Wankstein attends the shooting range near Blueberry’s Ammo-Nation. By talking to her you will unlock the possibility of having a story with her: to conquer Helena you will have to take her to the restaurant, drive slowly in the countryside and not be overweight or with too much muscle mass. You will be rewarded with different weapons and clothes.

You can find Katie Zhan in San Fierro, in the ‘Marital Arts’ club. To start the relationship you will need high sex appeal and a decent muscle mass. In the evening he goes to Juniper Hollow, at his home, while in the afternoon he will be at the gym. Accidents, going to restaurants or driving around Chinatown are all excellent solutions to increase the affinity of the couple: Katie, finally, will allow you to be treated for free, also keeping your weapons in case of death.

Michelle Cannes is at the driving school of San Fierro. You can only frequent her overweight (over 50%) and with a high sex appeal value: you can find her every morning in her garage in Downtown San Fierro. Drive fast to solidify the relationship with her and, among other things, you will receive a Monster Truck.

In El Quebrados, in the police station, there is Barbara Schternvart. It will be in the same place between midnight and 6am. To start the relationship, you need to be overweight or have a lot of sex appeal. Take her dancing or drive carefully to continue the relationship: in exchange you will receive the option to keep weapons and a body armor if arrested, as well as a police uniform.

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