guide to available Modes, Career and Braking Point

The new iteration of the most famous and important videogame series dedicated to the world of Formula 1 is about to be officially launched on the market, and like every year it promises to introduce many innovations that could make the happiness of all digital drivers who want to dedicate themselves to the title.

In particular, never as this year the developers of Codemasters seem to have focused on the desire to provide players with a large amount of different ways through which to take advantage of their product – as also highlighted in our review of F1 2021 – in a way to be released a title that could boast a great wealth and variety of contents. So let’s take a look at all the modes available within F1 2021 and list the differences between one and the other.

Career Stable
Let’s start with the Manager Career, a very successful mode taken from the previous chapter which will put you at the helm of a team of which you will also be the reference driver. In this mode you will therefore have to manage every aspect of your team, from the search for sponsors to the development of the various sectors that compose it, from the aesthetic customization of the car to the choice of a second driver of ever-increasing quality, and to get on track with your own. single-seater to try to earn a prominent place in the rankings for you and your team.

Pilot career
The Pilot Career mode, the most classic and the most played of the F1 series modes, returns in this new chapter and is in better shape than ever: the guys at Codemasters have in fact kept all the fundamental elements that distinguish the mode, improving its at the same time some small details. Within the Driver Career you can therefore choose an initial team from which to start – each of which has different strengths and machines – and then concentrate on driving your car, trying to climb the rankings to win the title. In addition to this, you can also manage the research and development phase of your team, so that you can constantly improve your car and thus obtain the possibility of achieving better results. Unlike the previous chapters, finally, the Pilot Career this year also includes a two-player online multiplayer mode.

Braking Point
This last mode is an absolute novelty of the series and is configured as a real story-driven single-player narrative mode, in which the player will find himself playing the role of the young Aiden Jackson, a promoted Formula 2 driver. in Formula 1 that will have to face the new challenges and difficulties deriving from the jump in the category and from its deep rivalry with another driver. This mode, of which you can find the Proven on the pages of, therefore represents a real story mode, lasting about 5-6 hours, solely devoted to entertaining the player by making him compete with his car inside a narrative plot studied a priori, unlike what happens in the more classic Pilot Career mode.