guide to hidden dice for MyNintendo rewards

To celebrate the release of Mario Party Superstars, the big N has organized a treasure hunt in the pages of its official website. Here’s everything you need to know to earn the coveted prize: 100 Platinum Points to spend on My Nintendo.

Regardless of whether or not you want to join the party by purchasing the NdCube signature title, you can visit the official Mario Party Superstars website in English and log in with the credentials linked to your Nintendo account. Here are the steps to follow immediately after to get the reward up for grabs. Each of the sections that make up the site, easily accessible via the Menu button located in the upper left corner, hides within it a type of dice that we find in Mario Party Superstars. Here’s where the 4 cubes hide:

  • Cursed Die: it is found within the section relating to minigames. Scroll down the page to where it talks about Sports and Puzzles to notice it on the left.
  • Custom dice: in the section dedicated to characters and boards (Characters & Boards), pass the first part to find it as soon as you are introduced to the board of Princess Peach (Peach’s Birthday Cake).
  • Double Dice: you can find it in the space dedicated to modes and multiplayer (Modes & Multiplayer), just beyond the list of activities of Monte Minigames.
  • Triple Dice: it is on the page reserved for those who want to pre-order Mario Party Superstars. Scroll down until you reach the Nintendo Switch family consoles and you will find the dice waiting for you.
  • In case you would like to deepen the strengths and weaknesses of the experience, we refer you to our review of Mario Party Superstars, reminding you that the video game is available for purchase both in physical and digital format via Nintendo eShop. If, on the other hand, you are curious to see the graphic leap that has made the series, take a look at the evolution of Mario Party from the Nintendo 64 to the Switch.