guide to Kokomi’s skills and best builds

The second and final timed banner of the Wish section of the 2.1 version of Genshin Impact is now available and allows players to invest the accumulated Primogems in the hope of unlocking Sangonomiya Kokomi, a new 5-Star Hydro-type character who uses a catalyst to fight the opponents and heal allies.

Let’s find out all the details about the character and the best builds to enhance their strongest abilities.

Kokomi’s skill

Here are all the active abilities of the new character:

  • The Shape of Water: This is the character’s normal attack and consists of three attacks through which Kokomi summons a fish that deals Hydro damage. The Charged Attack instead allows you to inflict Hydro DMG in an area, but it consumes 50 units of stamina
  • Kurage’s Oath (Elemental Skill): Kokomi’s main ability allows her to summon a sort of jellyfish that heals party members and applies Hydro status to the character as well as damaging nearby opponents. Heals occur at regular intervals and depend on Kokomi’s maximum HP
  • Nereid’s Ascension (Elemental Burst): this ability deals Hydro damage to the area and activates the Ceremonial Garment state, which for a limited period of time improves attacks based on HP Max and, again in relation to this value, heals allies with normal or charged attacks. During this stage, Kokomi is more resistant to interruptions and can walk on water

These are Kokomi’s passive abilities instead:

  • Tamanooya’s Casket: If you use the Elemental Burst while the jellyfish is in the field, its duration will be reset, allowing it to stay alongside Kokomi for a longer time
  • Song Of Pearls: Upon activation of Nereid’s Ascension, the boost of attacks based on HP Max receives an additional bonus based on 15% of the Healing Bonus parameter
  • Princess Of Watatsumi: Kokomi and the rest of the party consume 20% less stamina while swimming (effect not cumulative with other similar passive power ups)
  • Flawless Strategy: Kokomi gets a 25% Healing Bonus at the expense of a 100% decrease in the Crit Rate

Then we find the Constellations of Kokomi, which can be unlocked by obtaining duplicates of the character:

  • At Water’s Edge (C1): Ceremonial Garment’s final attack summons a fish that deals 30% of Kokomi’s HP Max as Hydro DMG
  • The Clouds Like Waves Rippling (C2): Improves healing on characters that have less than half their health indicator
  • The Moon, A Ship O’er the Seas (C3): Level up Nereid’s Ascension by 3 (max level is 15)
  • The Moon Overlooks The Waters (C4): Attack speed increases by 10% during Ceremonial Garment and successful normal attacks restore 0.8 Energy every 0.2 seconds
  • All Streams Flow To The Sea (C5): Increase Kurage’s Oath level by 3 (maximum level is 15)
  • Sango Isshin (C6): During Ceremonial Garment, Kokomi gains a 40% bonus to Hydro DMG for 4 seconds after a normal or charged attack heals an ally with at least 80% health

Better weapons

  • Everlasting Moonglow (Catalyst, 5 Stars): This is the weapon of the weapon timed banner created especially for Kokomi. Increases Healing Bonus by 10% and boosts Normal Attack by 1% of Max HP. For 12 seconds after using Elemental Burst, you can also hit an enemy with a normal attack every 0.1 seconds to regenerate 0.6 units of Energy
  • Prototype Amber (Catalyst, 4 Stars): Just like the Everlasting Moonglow, this weapon also scales to HP and is perfect for all players who don’t want to invest in the weapon banner, since it can be crafted for free at the blacksmith (a pact to have at least one prototype)

Build Healer

The best way to harness Kokomi’s potential is to build her a build based on her healing skills using the following artifacts:

  • Tenacity of the Millelith: with two pieces of this set you can get a 20% bonus to HP, while the complete set allows after the activation of an Elemental Skill to get a 20 bonus attack for the entire party % and a 30% bonus to shield stamina for the duration of 3 seconds (the effect can activate every 0.5 seconds)

If you don’t need the second bonus, you might consider using two pieces of the Millelith and two of the Maiden Beloved to improve healing by 15%.

Build Sub DPS

The best way to harness Kokomi’s potential is to build her a build based on her healing skills using the following artifacts:

Kokomi Upgrade Materials

The main resource useful for Kokomi’s ascension is the Dew of Repudiation, which can be obtained by defeating the Hydro Hypostasis in Inazuma. Other materials that serve to enhance this character are the Sango Pearl, which are found around the island of Watatsumi, the Spectral Husk / Heart / Nucleus (objects dropped by Specters, the new floating enemies) and ice crystals (Shivada Jade ) of increasing rarity.

Characters to match with Kokomi in the party

Here are a couple of teams that should work very well with Kokomi:

  • Kokomi, Ayaka, Venti and Raiden Shogun: this team is for those who have many Premium characters and allows Kokomi to inflict the status of Water and then activate reactions thanks to the skills of Ayaka (DPS), who can freeze wet enemies, and Baal (Sub DPS), which can charge Kokomi’s abilities, perhaps while Venti gathers all the mobs with his Elemental Burst
  • Kokomi, Lisa, Kaeya and Traveler (Electro): the team in question is perfect for those who want to use the free characters and allows you to combine the skills of Kokomi and Lisa to unleash powerful reactions and increase damage thanks to the jellyfish. Kaeya will be able to freeze opponents and act as a battery, while the Traveler allows you to get additional energy and support Lisa as well as activate her abilities and then return to the bench

Have you already redeemed the 60 free Primogems in Genshi Impact?