guide to multiplayer modes, what they are and how they work

Net of some problems (and here are the ways to solve the bugs and errors of Halo Infinite), the Beta Multiplayer of Halo Infinite has been able to meet the expectations of fans, also attracting many newbies thanks to the free-to-play formula. Here is the list of the modalities present in the 343 Industries title and how to best deal with them.

The multiplayer games of the new Halo are divided into two macro-categories: Arenas and Great Team Battles. The former can accommodate up to 8 players and take place in small maps, while the latter involve a maximum of 24 users within larger environments. Here are the various modes divided by type.


  • Massacre: Each knocked down opponent equals one point for their team. Reaching a score of 50 or taking the lead when time runs out leads to victory.
  • Capture the flag: for each of the teams involved, stealing the enemy flag and bringing it to the base translates into a point, as long as you also have control of your own banner.
  • Strongholds: In this mode, joining forces to gain control of the neutral zones is the key to triumph. Owning two allows you to earn one point per second, while having all three doubles that profit. The first team to 150 points wins the round.
  • Skull: A skull appears in a neutral area of ​​the map. Collecting it will allow your team to earn one point per second. The first team to reach the maximum score wins the round.

Great team battles

  • Massacre: a normal Deathmatch in which, however, the maximum score is set at 100.
  • Capture the flag: unlike the Arena version, in this mode you can score regardless of whether you have control of your flag or not.
  • Total control: in this case the two teams can only earn points by conquering all the neutral zones, which are restored immediately afterwards and then reappear in different places. Succeeding for a total of three times leads to victory.
  • Escorts: To prevail over your enemies in this fast-paced mode, grab the “seeds of power” scattered around the map and take (or throw) them to your base. Depositing 5 allows you to earn a point, while 15 is enough to win the fight.

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