guide to the best characters in the free game

The Marvel Future Revolution servers have officially opened and iOS and Android players can explore the new open world action RPG for free. If you are about to start playing and don’t know which superheroes to aim for in the first few hours, here are some tips on the characters that might be for you.

There are eight different characters in the game, each with a different level of difficulty in terms of usage and unique abilities.

Here are the best superheroes of Marvel Future Revolution:

Captain America (PvP and PvE)

The good Steve Rogers is the classic all-round character, since his characteristics make him useful in any situation, net of a fairly high level of difficulty of use. Captain America is a tank and, in addition to having a decent amount of health that allows him to absorb many hits, he also boasts abilities that temporarily enhance his attack values. If you don’t want to create one character for PvE and one for PvP, then the captain might be your best choice.

Iron Man (PvE)

Tony Star, on the other hand, is the terror of bosses, since with the attacks of his sparkling armor he can inflict large amounts of damage to the most dangerous enemies, not to mention the possibility of performing moves from a distance that allow him to avoid direct contact with the enemy. Do not underestimate the ease of use of this character, perfect for those who want to focus on PvE.

Spider-Man (PvP)

The most loved wall climber of all time is instead a particularly useful character for those who intend to focus on the PvP component of free to play. It is in fact a hero diametrically opposed to Iron Man, since it not only belongs to the range of characters difficult to use, but does not have particularly effective attacks and skills in terms of damage inflicted. To compensate for these shortcomings, however, we think the high agility, which makes it perfect for dodging enemy attacks and then punishing them with a series of quick blows. If desired, Spider-Man can also be used in PvE when there are many ‘standard’ enemies on the screen, but is highly discouraged in boss fights.

We remind you that the Netmarble title can be downloaded completely free of charge by owners of an Apple smartphone (via the App Store) or Android (via the Google Play Store). On our pages you can also find a practical guide with advice on how to solve the Waitlist Notice error in Marvel Future Revolution.