guide to the best Serie A team to get started

After analyzing the best economic team to start in FIFA FUT 22 we return to dealing with the Ultimate Team mode of the new football signed by Electronic Arts. This time we offer you a perfect team to start made up exclusively of Serie A players.

At the beginning of your adventure in FUT you will be offered to choose a nationality among the many available and, based on what you have selected, you will be assigned an initial team consisting mainly of players from that nation. To be able to benefit immediately in the creation of a Serie A squad, we therefore advise you to select the Italian nationality, in order to immediately increase your chances of creating a team with a good understanding.

After the first few games, you will finally have the necessary credits to customize your economic team in all areas of the game. Before proceeding, we recommend that you immediately set up a module that includes the use of attacking wings or midfield winger: functional modules could therefore be 4-4-2 and 4-3-3, variants included.

Goalkeeper and defenders

The player with the most affordable quality / price ratio is Mike Maignan of Milan, who boasts an overall of 84 with excellent peaks in reaction and return. It can be purchased for a price of a few hundred credits, at least for the moment.

Moving on to the central defenders battery we mention Fikayo Tomori and Roger Ibanez, two players with an overall less than 80 but great speed and excellent statistics in defense and physique.
As for the two full-backs, on the other hand, our advice is to focus on Haps of Venezia for the left wing, and Di Lorenzo of Napoli or Dumfries of Inter for the right wing, also with high values ​​in speed and in therefore able to withstand the confrontation with the attacking opponents. In particular, we point out that Dumfries is one of the first players to watch in FIFA 22.


The players to choose obviously vary according to the version of the module chosen. In general, some good Serie A economic midfielders are Barella, Bakayoko (excellent defensive player if equipped with an understanding style that increases his speed and acceleration), Tonali and Rabiot, all players who cost around 1,000 credits but boast quite characteristics. efficient to begin with.


Your attack wings should be fast and able to cross and shoot effectively when needed. Excellent examples of economic Serie A players with these characteristics are Rebic, Lozano, El Shaarawy, Leao and Felipe Anderson. As for the central tip, you should try to secure a player of your choice between Muriel and Osimhen: the cards of both boast excellent characteristics in speed and shooting, while costing for now only a little over 1,000 credits.