guide to the best setup for the EM 2 assault rifle

The EM 2 is the brand new assault rifle introduced alongside the many new features of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5. It is a weapon with a relatively low rate of fire but with such high damage that it can compete with the established Krig 6 and C58, the two ARs currently in meta.

After seeing how to get the EM2 in COD Warzone, we reveal the best setup with which to use it in the Activision Battle Royale: staying on target will be really easy and with very few bullets you can eliminate it, quickly passing to the next with lethal effectiveness.

The EM 2 is an excellent rifle in general, widely configurable and adaptable to cover both the role of main weapon, using it from a distance, and the support role as a secondary along with a sniper rifle. Let’s see both possibilities below.

Best setup for distance

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
  • Barrel: Task Force
  • Viewfinder: Axial Arms 3x
  • Under-barrel: Field Agent front grip
  • Ammo: 50 round magazine

The Agency Silencer is now a standard accessory for Cold War primary weapons. In one shot, you have reduced vertical recoil, increased projectile speed and increased damage range. This means you will more easily hit distant moving targets, as well as always stay out of enemy radar when firing.

The Task Force Barrel only further increases the range of the EM 2, giving the weapon the highest possible bullet speed. You will be able to annoy even enemies several hundred meters away. To make the rifle more controllable, add a Field Agent front grip, which reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil.

While the EM 2 has built-in optics, we find that its magnification level is not sufficient for long distance battles, making it a better choice for a more “close-range” setup (as we’ll see shortly) . Then mount an Axial Arms 3x or a Royal & Cross 4x, whichever magnification you prefer. Finally, it is always better to have as much ammo as possible, to avoid having to change magazines in the midst of enemy fire: use the 50-round magazine.

If you are familiar with the recoil of the EM 2, you could replace the Field Agent Front Grip with an Airborne Elastic Grip to increase aiming speed (ADS). If you want an even more mobile weapon, replace the Task Force barrel with the Ranger: you will lose some effectiveness from a distance, but you will suffer significantly less penalties to the handling of the rifle.

Secondary weapon

Assault rifles set for long range work very well with a short range submachine gun. Both MP5s are just fine, but even the most recent OTs 9 and CX-9 (see our pages for suggestions for the best configuration of the latter) will do their excellent job inside a building.

EM 2 from support

This setup is perfect if you intend to use the EM 2 as a secondary weapon, relying on a sniper rifle for long range combat.

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
  • Barrel: Ranger
  • Football: Raider
  • Laser: Tiger Team reflector
  • Ammo: 50 round magazine

Here, too, the Agency Silencer is simply too advantageous to give it up. The Ranger barrel, as we said, is more suited to the mobility we seek, while still giving a good bonus in terms of bullet speed and recoil control. Add a Tiger Team Reflector and Raider stock to bring the EM 2’s mobility to SMG levels, essential for close-range encounters. As you will notice directly on the field, both in the aiming phase and not, you will be able to circle around your opponent forcing him to continually adjust his aim, while you dodge his bullets and finish him easily.

Also in this case, we recommend the largest magazine there is, or the 50-round one, to be able to face even more than one enemy at a time.

Do you want even more mobility? Swap the Agency silencer for the normal Sound Suppressor – you’ll lose something in terms of bullet speed and control, but gain a lot of aiming speed. To achieve maximum mobility, however, give up the Ranger rod and equip a Bruiser grip: your speed at that point will be ridiculously high.

Primary weapon

As a primary weapon we suggest the Swiss K31 or the classic Kar98k. These are the two most flexible and dynamic sniper rifles in the game, suitable for the unpredictable situations of the Battle Royale and the very varied map of Verdansk (which, apparently, will soon be replaced entirely). Alternatively, if your style of play favors stalking and eliminating enemies from far away, try the ZRG.