hackers hack servers to ask Respawn to ‘save Titanfall’

As fan anticipation grows for the pre-EA Play event on the future of Apex Legends, EA’s free battle royale falls victim to hackers. The latest breach of the Apex Legends servers introduces a message in the playlists urging the Respawn developers to take action to “save Titanfall”.

The unusual initiative carried out by hackers, limited (for the moment) to the PC version of Apex Legends only, replaces the text of the in-game notifications and playlists to convey a message advertising the activities carried out by the curators of a Titanfall fansite .

In the portal in question, it is stated that the leaders of Respawn and Electronic Arts are not doing enough to protect Titanfall from hacker attacks that threaten fans and undermine their multiplayer gaming experience.

As reported on the most popular social media and videogame forums, the screen display of this message would temporarily block users’ access to Apex Legends online games. People affected by this violation are barred from entering playlists, except for the hacked one that displays the message in support of the online campaign of those who believe Titanfall is unplayable due, ironically, to hacking activities.

While waiting to understand how the matter will evolve, we remind those who follow us that in February this year the Chief Studios Officer of EA, Laura Miele, reported that the decision to develop Titanfall 3 rests only with Respawn, according to the absolute creative freedom given by the US company to the Californian software house founded by Vince Zampella.