Halo Infinite would be a mega hit even without the campaign for a journalist

Paul Tassi, Forbes contributor to TV series video games, recently wrote an article dedicated to Halo Infinite pointing out how 343’s game could be launched even without the campaign and in any case be a “mega hit” for Microsoft.

The journalist points out that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is in fact a complete game in its own right and as such it could be launched individually without the need for the campaign. Paul Tassi says he is convinced of his claims after seeing the success of the Beta and the technical tests, with the Big Team Battle mode of Halo Infinite which was also very popular with players who grew up with Halo 3.

The campaign, says Paul Tassi “could represent a risk for Halo Infinite”, as we know the first presentation of the single player did not live up to expectations and many could start biased in this regard, moreover 343 has focused almost entirely on the communication multiplayer sector and in fact we have never seen a gameplay video of the campaign that can testify the progress made by the first demo shown in summer 2020.

In any case, it must be said that the launch is still far away (Halo Infinite comes out on 8 October 2021) and there is plenty of time to show the single player campaign in action in October and November.