Has BioWare returned to the Unreal Engine with the new chapter?

Mass Effect is one of the most loved franchises ever among videogame enthusiasts, and the curiosity to take a first look at the next-gen chapter announced by BioWare is certainly great. Although the study has not yet unbuttoned the project, some clues already seem to emerge online.

According to a job announcement published by BioWare related to the Mass Effect project, the next chapter in the pipeline on PC and PS5 consoles and Xbox Series X | S could be made in Unreal Engine 4. The Technical Director of which the company Canadian is said in search will have in fact to be familiar with the graphics engine of Epic Games, and who knows that the transition to the promising Unreal Engine 5 is not finally evaluated.

This, in any case, does not assure us that the engine will actually be used for the new Mass Effect game, considering that the Frostbite Engine is also mentioned in the introduction, and remains one of the fundamental tools that Electronic’s internal studios can access. Arts. While potentially astounding from a technological point of view, the Frostbite did not prove to be the best choice for a third-person action like Mass Effect Andromeda, the protagonist of a problematic launch in 2017. BioWare has already returned to work with the ‘Unreal Engine in the restoration work carried out with the original trilogy (here you can find our Mass Effect Legendary Edition review), and who knows that it does not keep it also for the next-gen chapter, which we remember is still in pre-production phase.