Hasan Kahraman will speak in an interview tomorrow

The expectation towards Abandoned is slowly growing again, the mysterious project presented as a simple horror game for PlayStation 5 but which over the weeks has been insistently compared to Hideo Kojima, Silent Hill and, more recently, also to Metal Gear Solid V.

Blue Box Games Studio, software house captained by the enigmatic and elusive Hasan Kahraman (the only member of the studio to have revealed himself to date), will launch the official app of the Abandoned Realtime Experience on 10 August, or a set of trailers and game demonstrations with which we will finally be able to take a look at the project. While waiting to put the app in preload on PS5 on July 29, some new information could already jump out starting tomorrow, when Hasan Kahraman himself will grant himself to the AL-HUB channel for an exclusive interview. Will this be the right opportunity to finally reveal something more concrete about Abandoned?

Players keep wondering if Hideo Kojima’s face is hiding behind Blue Box, especially after friend Norman Reedus is shown in a photo accompanied by Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill. It cannot be excluded that Blue Box simply wanted to ride the wave of theories and speculations and implement a very bold marketing campaign, especially for a software house that still has everything to prove.