here is the 4K wallpaper also available on Series X | S

As you have surely read, during the evening a new firmware update for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One was published by Microsoft which not only introduces new features, but also adds an exclusive dynamic theme to the appropriate screen of the old and new generation consoles.

Many Xbox fans particularly appreciated this gesture by the Redmond giant and started a web search with the aim of identifying a high-resolution version of the image used in the dynamic theme. The popular journalist Tom Warren arrived to put an end to the research, who through a post on the official social channels distributed a link through which it is possible to download the 4K resolution version of the celebratory image. In this way you can click the link in the tweet at the bottom of the news to download the high resolution wallpaper and use it on any device in your possession.

We remind you that Xbox Cloud Gaming has landed on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S today. For the uninitiated, also, Phil Spencer of Xbox has declared that he has no great interest in NFT games.