here is the date of the Truth Quest DLC

Tripwire Interactive developers announce the official launch date of Truth Quest by packaging a video that illustrates the contents and rattles off all the most important news of the Maneater expansion.

In Truth Quest, the television metashow hosted by Trip Westhaven will take us to Port Clovis to give us an account of the misadventures of the locals after a mysterious invasion of sharks.

The fanged protagonists of this unusual “ShaRkPG” will be able to vent their food frenzy through a brand new set of Evolutions that will encourage players to reach the new level cap of 40 to make room for five original upgrades for the organs and get an additional slot upon reaching of the maximum level.

The increased killing capabilities of the sharks will be counterbalanced by the arrival of even more fearsome human enemies: the military ground forces will launch attacks from beaches and fortifications, assisted by the helicopter operators who will patrol the hunting area of ​​our ravenous alter-ego. On the content front, the addition of unprecedented types of objectives such as Time Trials and a plethora of creatures to hunt in the depths of Tripwire’s “shark RPG” is also underlined. Without further ado, we leave you in the company of the Maneater Truth Quest video and we inform you that the expansion will be available from August 31st on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.