here’s how it turns in ultra-low details

While the modder scene is spent to unlock the Ray Tracing of Forza Horizon 5 ingame and in the Photos, several youtubers are engaging in the “run-up to Potato Mode” to find out how the powerful graphics sector of Playground’s blockbuster is doing on a Low-end PC.

The content creators who have decided to participate in this unique remote challenge are taking a cue from the PC specifications of Forza Horizon 5 to “scratch the bottom” of the graphic presets and understand, in doing so, what is the visual experience offered by the title on gaming computers that are now dated or, in any case, poorly performing.

Scrolling through the list of the most popular videos of the youtubers who are trying their hand at this FH5 “search for Potato Mode”, it takes a few seconds to realize the numerous graphic features that you have to give up in order to get an acceptable framerate on low-end PC .

By setting all parameters to their lowest level, the exploration of Forza Horizon 5’s huge map of Mexico requires heavy trade-offs, from the almost total absence of shadows and reflections to the marked reduction in the quality of vegetation, not to mention the lack of post-processing effects that, on PC as on Xbox consoles, help to restore a satisfying sense of speed regardless of the framerate of the selected graphic preset. The great scalability of the Turn10 and Playground engine, if nothing else, offers ample room for maneuver for those who want to fine-tune the viewing experience to match the requirements of their PC configuration.

With the increasing popularity of the title, witnessed by the 6 million Forza Horizon 5 players reached in the launch week alone, we are confident that the race to search for the perfect “Potato Mode” will continue for a long time and will soon give us more surprises. In the meantime, we leave you to our Forza Horizon 5 review.