Hideo Kojima dreams of developing a game that ‘changes in real time based on the user’

In addition to the already “unveiled” Mads Max buddy cop project with Mads Mikkelsen, Hideo Kojima has another dream in the drawer. During an interview granted to Anan, the boss of Kojima Productions said he was interested in developing a next-generation game that ‘changes in real time based on the users’.

Chatting with the journalists of the Japanese magazine, the eclectic father of Death Stranding and Metal Gear turned his gaze to the future and, in reflecting on the interactive experiences he intends to shape between now and the next few years, he discussed the concept of a game that knows how to adhere to the tastes and needs of an increasingly heterogeneous public eager to experience adventures in the name of uniqueness and creativity.

Explaining his idea, Kojima Productions’ digital forge deus ex machina explains that “I want to create a game that changes in real time. Even though there are people of different ages and professions playing the same title, they do it basically at the same time. same way. For this, I would like my game to change based on where the user lives to give him a unique perspective on his world. Every now and then I think back to Boktai (an old Game Boy Advance game he worked on in his collaboration with Konami, ed), I would have always liked to know how to evolve that kind of experience that involved killing vampires using the sunlight, with all the implications of a gameplay linked to the changes of light due to the real position of the player. It is this type of functionality that attracts me most, systems that connect the video game to the real life of every human being “.

And you, what do you think of the videogame experience hypothesized by Hideo Kojima? Let us know with a comment, but first we invite you to admire the latest work signed by Kojima, or the launch trailer of Death Stranding Director’s Cut.