Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing at 8K with Ray Tracing, here it is on video

The work of modders continues to amaze on some products that, despite the years on their shoulders, show a screaming graphic sector thanks to the use of small collections of mods. The latest to have received this kind of attention is the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The video, captured on a PC running an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, offers a heavily modified version of the Guerrilla Games title by installing the Reshade mod that implements Ray Tracing and alters the color palette and a series of files that modify the camera. To accompany the whole we find then the highest graphic preset among those available in the game settings, or the one entitled “Extreme” and thanks to which the definition of characters and backgrounds is further enhanced. The result is truly incredible, especially when compared to the recent Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage released by Sony during one of the latest State of Play.

Before leaving you to the spectacular movie, we remind you that just a few days ago the definitive release date of Horizon Forbidden West was confirmed, arriving next February on PS4 and PS5. While waiting, you can run to download the free upgrade for PS5 of Horizon Zero Dawn, which allows you to play at 4K and 60fps.