Hotfix 2 available on PC and console

As recently told by Baldo’s trial signed by our Michele Verardi, the Nintendo Switch version of the Italian Indie still presents a large number of problems.

Even in the face of the publication of Hotfix 1 dedicated to the game, the work cannot in fact be finished on the hybrid console. In the face of the many bugs reported by the press and the community, the Italian software house has also made available a Hotfix 2, now available for download, but not on all Baldo publishing platforms.

As you can check from the Tweet at the bottom of this news, Naps Team has in fact published the patch on Apple Arcade, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. However, the Xbox One and, above all, the Nintendo Switch version of the adventure are still excluded from the calculation. The latter, precisely due to the serious condition that afflicts it – and which makes it impossible to conclude the main campaign – is in fact still waiting to be able to enjoy the debut of Hotfix 2. The update, if nothing else, seems to be able to solve many of the bugs and glitches found in Baldo.

Waiting for further updates on the post-launch support front for the title, we remind you that you can see the Indie in action thanks to the three hours of gameplay of Baldo proposed by our Francesco Fossetti live on Twitch.