how does the beta run on PS5 and Xbox Series X? Technical analysis

The Youtube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has examined in detail the technical performance of the Beta of Back 4 Blood on the various consoles on which it is available, drawing interesting conclusions. The Beta of the new multiplayer shooter from Turtle Rock Studio, remember, is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

First of all, the channel warns that the technical analysis, based on the Beta test, is not to be considered definitive and that therefore the data shown in the video may be subject to change with the next updates and versions in view of the release of the full game , set for October 12, 2021. The tests show that the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X travels at 60fps in 4K, while Xbox Series S while remaining stable at 60fps offers a resolution of 1296p. The old gen versions are instead fixed on 30fps, both standard models and the enhanced versions PS4 Pro and Xbox One X: going down even more specifically, the PS4 Pro travels on 1296p, One X on 1872p and finally the normal PS4 and Xbox One arrive at 792p.

ElAnalistaDeBits also notes that the Xbox versions have some gamma and contrast smudges, which can however be adjusted by juggling the game settings or through those of your TV. Overall, the analysis is considered satisfactory, with praise for optimization in general for all versions. In the meantime, the Beta of Back 4 Blood on Steam is depopulating: speaking of the Beta on PC, this version has an anisotropic filter, environmental occlusion and options for the field of view that maximize the technical performance of the game.

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