how does the new suspended cycle work?

Returnal, the Housemarque roguelite has been updated, introducing the Photo Mode and the Suspended Cycle function, a new mechanic and much requested by the community that allows you to freeze the state of the game until its resumption. Let’s see how it works.

Harry Krueger, the game director of the game (here is our review of Returnal), explained on the Playstation Blog the news of version 2.0, explaining in detail how the Suspended Cycle works. This, in fact, is not a traditional save point and cannot therefore be rewritten or repeated after starting the application: in summary it is a question of keeping progress in a specific ‘run’ without having to start from scratch, but not having anyway the possibility of stopping the adventure at a precise moment in order, for example, to face a particularly fearsome enemy at will. When you resume the game the open point will be eliminated. This feature will also not be available during boss fights, cinematics and first person sections.

This is a mechanic much requested by fans and that will surely attract the attention of other players by expanding the catchment area of ​​the work. The Photo Mode is also useful for storing images of the most memorable battles of the exclusive PS5. And speaking of Returnal, Housemarque was recently acquired by Sony, which added the Finnish company to the owned studios.