how has Craig the Brute changed? Leak reveals the evolution of the meme

Over a year later, we all remember the cute big face of Craig the Brute who, at one point in the gameplay trailer of the Halo Infinite campaign, appeared impetuously taking up most of the screen.

The birth of the Craig meme was an affectionate way for players to make a strong criticism of 343 Industries, and to urge the team to improve the technical quality of the game. The Microsoft software house has certainly not remained idle in recent months, and has in fact made several improvements with which the graphic aspect of the game has greatly benefited.

A leak that appeared on reddit has now shown how the aesthetic characterization of Jiralhanae, and therefore Craig, has changed more than 12 months after the infamous Halo Infinite campaign trailer. As you can see by reaching this address, the Brutes now have more facial details and it seems that at least part of them will also wear a beard on their chin. One wonders if the developers have still thought of an ironic easter egg with which to definitively deliver Craig to the history of the franchise. What do you think of the 343 Industries redesign?

Recall that Halo Infinite will make its debut on Windows PC and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles on December 8th. The new multiplayer test is imminent, and will start on September 24th (it is no longer possible to register for this session). For more insights into the Sci-Fi shooter, we refer you to our Halo Infinite multiplayer preview.