how many consoles can Sony produce by the end of 2021? Here is an estimate

Taking a cue from the information pitted by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the latest financial report, the content creator known as Destin has estimated the potential number of PS5s that the Japanese company should be able to produce by the end of 2021.

In the recent documentation produced by Sony, in fact, the Japanese technology giant has not limited itself to setting the goal of 14.8 million PS5s sold in 2021 but has shared a whole series of details on the strategies it will adopt to overcome the semiconductor crisis. and the chronic shortage of stocks.

Well, re-reading each page of the report and the complete transcript of the statements shared by Sony on the sidelines of the last meeting with the investors, the youtuber Destin claims to have traced the financial report sheet relating to the interventions made by the Japanese company to guarantee the production. of the PlayStation 5 needed to support the high international demand.

In the documents in question, the executives of Sony’s gaming division say they have already identified additional suppliers and say they are committed to opening new supply channels: the hardware components available to SIE would be sufficient to produce an additional 4.7 million PlayStation 5s from here at the end of the year.

With 10.1 million PS5 already marketed, the estimate of the systems that Sony should be able to churn out from its production lines for the entire second half of 2021 gives hope to those who have been trying to buy the console for months. In any case, from now on Sony will no longer be forced to sell PS5 Standard at a loss, consequently there may be further room for maneuver to expand the availability of semiconductors and components necessary to produce the nextgen console, to the benefit of consumers. .