How much does Nintendo Switch cost? Price cut in Italy, the point of the situation

According to various rumors from France and Spain, starting from Monday 13 September Nintendo Switch will cost less in Europe, with the Kyoto house that has decided to apply the first real price cut since its launch, which took place in March 2017. Nintendo Switch? We assess the situation.

Several retailers talk about a price cut that will lead the console to cost less than 300 euros, the official price should be 269.99 euros but a French retailer applies the price of 249 euros from today, it is not clear, however, whether this is an autonomous promotion. of the chain.

And what about Italy? On, Nintendo Switch costs 287.99 euros, but it is a product sold and shipped by a third-party retailer on the marketplace and not an official price cut. From Gamelife we ​​find a price of 299 euros for the models with Joy-Con Gray and Red / Blue Neon, also from Mediaworld the price is set at 299 euros and the same goes for Euronics where we find Nintendo Switch at 299.99 euros, while from Unieuro the price is 339.90 euros with New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe in bundle. From GameStop instead Nintendo Switch costs 299.98 euros if purchased together with a game for at least 59.98 euros.

In summary, therefore, at the moment most Italian retailers sell Nintendo Switch for 299 euros but we do not know if this is the new official price of our country, which would be so slightly higher than the price applied in other European countries such as Spain and France. . We will update you in case of news and we await communications from Nintendo Italy. The comments space below is open to your reports in case you have spotted Switch Model 2019 at a lower price than what we reported.