How old is Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5, PS4 and PC?

Aloy, the red-haired girl protagonist of the Guerrilla Games open world, published in 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console (and later also on PC), immediately won the affection of the title community despite the little amount of information provided about him during the game.

Before continuing further, we point out that the next paragraphs may contain several spoilers on the adventure within Horizon Zero Dawn: we therefore advise all players who have not yet finished the main story not to continue reading, and possibly to return to these pages in the future.

In general, there are many shadows and many mysteries about Aloy’s identity, which are only partially thinned out and explained in the course of the game. On paper, the girl is simply a member of the Nora tribe, one of the many tribes of human beings who compete for control of the territory in the areas of a Colorado set a thousand years in the future, following a global cataclysm. In the course of the adventure, however, the player will be able to discover different background on the true origin of Aloy, who will turn out to be a sort of clone of the scientist who a millennium earlier had designed the repopulation system of the planet following the catastrophe.

However, there is a characteristic element of Aloy that is never described or specified openly during the game: the age of the girl. However, this detail can be guessed quite easily by exploiting some descriptions and crossing the few temporal information provided by the narrative elements. In particular, during the sequence set in Aloy’s childhood period, the one in which she finds her Focus, the girl should be about 6 or 7 years old. Subsequently, however, the player experiences a leap forward of several years, up to the day in which Aloy faces the test of maturity of the tribe: from this moment the protagonist will be forced to leave her home and her old life to go in search of the truth about his origins and the birth of the world in which he lives.

In conclusion, it is therefore possible to say that, during the main adventure of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is between 18 and 20 years old, waiting to find out how many years in the future the sequel of the game, or Horizon Forbidden West, will be set. which officially should be released later this year exclusively for PlayStation 5 despite the fact that in recent weeks many rumors have been chasing each other that would like Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 and PS4 postponed to 2022.