how to activate cross save on PS4, PS5, PC and mobile

With the debut of the update to version 2.0 of Genshin Impact not only the region of Inazuma has arrived, but also the long-awaited support for total cross save. Thanks to this feature, players can now share progress across all supported platforms, namely PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Android and iOS.

Before going into detail with the procedures, it should be noted that the total cross-save system of Genshin Impact has several limitations and, among these, there is the impossibility of merging accounts that belong to different regions (therefore the accounts on US servers they cannot merge with the European ones). As for the premium currencies, the Primogems are linked to the account and can be used anywhere, while the Genesis Crystals are linked to the platform on which the purchase was made (PC / mobile or PlayStation). As for PlayStation exclusive items, these will be unlocked on accounts but can only be used while playing on PS4 or PS5.

How to activate cross-save from a PSN account

If you have always played on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and want to activate this feature to also play on PCs and Android / iOS smartphones, know that the procedure is really simple and requires very few steps. First you have to start Genshin Impact on your Sony console and, once in game, access the settings menu (press Options and then select the gear on the left column). At this point, select “Account” and then click on “Press to proceed” in the User Center: a browser window will open on which you can click on the link and proceed with the creation of a new miHoYo account. When creating your profile you must make sure that the email used has not already been associated with a Genshin Impact account and is not the same as your PSN profile. By doing this you will have a miHoYo account linked to your PSN ID and you can use this profile to also access the PC, Android and iOS versions of the game, which will share progress with that PlayStation. For security reasons, we also invite you to enable two-factor authentication on the new profile as soon as possible.

How to activate cross-save from a PC / mobile account

If, on the other hand, you have always played on a PC or smartphone and want to share progress on the PlayStation version as well, things get slightly more complex due to the limitations. Anyone who has started the game on PS4 / PS5 even once cannot use the same PSN account for this procedure and is forced to create a new profile. Once you are sure that your account complies with this fundamental requirement, download Genshin Impact from PlayStation Store and start it for the first time: a warning will appear on the screen asking whether to connect a miHoYo account or whether to skip this step. Obviously, those interested in cross-save must select the first option and proceed with the connection. You will be asked to enter the email associated with your miHoYo account and then, by clicking on the “Send” button, you will be sent a code to the email address with a validity of only 60 seconds. Quickly enter the code to complete the procedure and continue on PS4 / PS5 exactly where you left off last time on PC or mobile.

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