how to activate God Mode to make the game easier

You have surely realized that in Hades, Supergiant Games’ latest roguelike masterpiece, it is not possible to select a difficulty level, and all players are therefore forced to adapt to the challenge level designed by the developers themselves to make their product unique and exciting. .

Despite this particular feature, actually often present in many titles belonging to the same genre, there is still a method to make the game a little easier than normal, in order to allow even those who are not very expert in roguelikes or titles action in general to enjoy some runs to discover the beautiful universe of Hades. This method is based on the activation of a particular mode called Divinity Mode (better known as God Mode in English), which will allow you to immediately get some bonuses that can then increase over time based on your actions and your progression. within the game.

In particular, by activating the Divinity Mode you will decrease the damage you suffer from the hits of your opponents by an excellent 20%, a figure that will increase by a further 2% every time you die with the Divinity Mode active: this 2% bonus is cumulative on 20% starting up to a maximum reduction of 80%, a bonus that should allow you to face any enemy and boss in the game with much more ease and safety.

It is important to note, however, that once you decide to deactivate Divinity Mode for a certain period of time, the percentage of damage reduction accumulated up to that point will not be lost and will not reset back to the initial 20%. To be clear, in the event that you have kept the mode active for a certain period of time during and you have managed to accumulate an overall bonus of 40% damage reduction, and then deactivate the Divinity Mode, this percentage will remain as a starting percentage. for the subsequent activation of God Mode.

To activate the Divinity Mode, all you have to do is go to the game settings menu and select the dedicated option: in particular, you can activate the mode at any time of the game within your run, even during a fight : in this way you can take advantage of the Divinity Mode to turn in your favor a particularly difficult battle in which your end would otherwise be marked, and then deactivate it immediately afterwards and enjoy the game experience exactly as the developers thought and designed it. Alternatively, you can always decide to use the Divinity Mode to make it easier for you during the game sessions necessary to unlock new weapons and Appearances for weapons, such as the Aspect of Arthur for the Blade of the Styx or the Aspect of Gilgamesh for the Fists. Twins.