how to change the language of the commentary

If you have always been used to playing FIFA 22 (here is the FIFA 22 review) with the commentary in Italian, sometimes you may have had the curiosity to change the language of the commentary to discover the differences in terms of tone and narration of the match. In this guide we see how.

To change the speech of the commentary you will have to go to the settings and continue in the ‘game settings’ section. At this point with R2 (RT on Xbox) you will move to the right in the tab dedicated to audio, and then repeat the action with R1 (RB on Xbox) in order to arrive at ‘audio 11v11’. The first option that appears is to change the language of the commentators. Here are all the commentators in the Electronic Arts title:

  • Italian – Lele Adani, Pierluigi Pardo
  • English – Alan Smith, Derek Rae, Lee Dixon. Alex Scott, Stewart Robinson, Alan McInally (real-time goal update).
  • Spanish – Nira Nuanra
  • German – Frank Buschman, Wolff-Christoph Fuss, Esther Sedlaczek.

There are also additional commentary teams in different languages ​​as downloadable content. Experimenting with them all could be interesting to note the differences and the working method of each professional. If you are interested in some general EA football tips, here are the best shots to pass the opposing goalkeeper in FIFA 22.